Jacqueline Michelle DeLuca


Jacqueline Michelle DeLuca

A woman in Union City, New Jersey, was fired from her job in Party City after posting a video about herself in which she participated in a racist tirade. Jacqueline Michelle DeLuca first posted a video on Facebook saying protesters against Black Lives Matter should be killed. The video was picked up and posted on Twitter where it was viewed by more than 1.7 million people.

Here’s the video. Disclaimer : Some viewers may be concerned about the language and content of the video.

I have too much time! Her name is Jacqueline Michelle DeLuca. She’s from Union City. She works in the party town of Sekokokus. Twitter, I want you to do your thing with this pic.twitter.com/vhSbkJMXVR…

– Lord Flesusus (@IzzyNyce) 11. June 2020

A 45-second video was recorded while DeLuca was driving his car. She starts by saying she doesn’t like black people: Fuck, I hate black people, bro. She explains that the reason for her annoyance is that someone walked through a traffic light and used a racist point to describe a person. Then she attacks the movement of the Dark Matter of Life, says she doesn’t care and kills them all.

DeLuca apologized on Facebook after being fired from Party City.

Twitterers soon found a DeLuca account on Facebook and discovered that the woman worked at Party City in Seacaucus, a chain of balloon and party shops. The company reacted immediately and made the following statement:


– Party city (@PartyCity) 12. June 2020

The company wrote: Today at Party City we learned of the existence of a disturbing video clip and informed the relevant authorities of the threatening and disgusting nature of its content. We fired the employee who produced and posted the video. We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and language. Party City expresses its solidarity with our colleagues, customers and black communities by condemning acts of racism, intolerance and hatred. Fundamental human rights are not violated, not in our communities, not in the countryside and certainly not in Party City.

After his release from Party City, DeLuca posted an apology on his Facebook page. Since then, their social network accounts have been deleted, so a screenshot is available below:

Your comments before and after the release of pic.twitter.com/BUt2e6fNVl

– Noah Lisecki (@NOAHDAAWESOME) 12. June 2020.

In his apology message, DeLuca wrote that I should apologize to all of you. I regret that I have used such words against the race, which I know is supported by everyone, and I never meant to hurt anyone. I now let my anger run free and ask for forgiveness as a human being for what I had to go through.

She went on to say that the video does not reflect who she is, and apologized to those who know her and those who do not. She explains that she is involved in evil and confusion.

DeLuca has deleted her Facebook account, but Twitter users have exchanged screenshots of other messages

Many people posted on social networks that they disagreed with her apology and shared screenshots of other DeLuca comments on her Facebook before she was removed. One person shared screenshots of DeLuca’s comments of 8 and 10 January. June with similar reports on Black Lives Matter protesters:

You don’t have to apologize if they show you who they are, believe them. Jacqueline Michelle Deluca, that’s you, and we believe it. Picture.twitter.com/1ip1y2XEPr

– WHEN THEY GO BACK TO THEIR LIVES, WILL THEY BE PROUD? (@ebeneidenswerte Frau) 12. June 2020

Other screenshots showed racist anti-Caucasian comments made during the KOVID-19 outbreak in the spring.

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