LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – The National Guard arrived in Los Angeles that night, hours after protests condemning the fatal arrest of George Floyd focused on vandalism, arson and looting.

When night fell in Fairfax, a largely peaceful demonstration organized by Black Lives Matter turned into chaos when a small group of demonstrators destroyed car windows, set fire to a police car and threw stones, bricks and metal pipes at the police. Officers fired rubber bullets into the crowd. A couple of used clubs.


A woman is wearing the Black Lives Matter sign for the American National Guard troops in Fairfax County. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Pictures)

Provincial shops, such as Nordstrom near Grove, were looted and a number of small fires, including a police kiosk, were set for them. While all this was going on, the press crews saw some protesters call on others to stay within the law, fearing that the signal behind the protests – an end to police violence and the need to change the police – had lost its meaning.

The night fighting forced mayor Eric Garcetti to set a curfew, which ended at 5.30 am. On Sunday. Other cities such as Pasadena, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica also have curfews.

In the morning the residents of Fairfax woke up and found cars burned by fireworks, broken glass and widespread vandalism. M-16 National Guard soldiers of the M-16 also patrolled.

The owner of a fumigation shop in Fairfax looted his shop in one night. He’s lost everything.

They kept coming in waves. So they come in, they steal, they finish everything in my shop, and then they leave. Another group of people arrive, they find nothing in the shop, they start breaking everything in the shop, the glass and the shelves. I don’t see why not. I didn’t hurt anybody.

My company was closed for 10 weeks because of the pandemic. It’s my only business. It’s my only life. And I was so glad we went back, and it happened to me, he said.

In downtown Los Angeles, the scene was very similar, with broken glass and looted shops. Approximately 1,000 people have been arrested in the city of Los Angeles, although at the time of writing the exact numbers have not yet been released by the Los Angeles Police Department. The officers say that a group of about 150 people came to the area with a caravan of cars that had nothing to do with the demonstration, with the intention of committing a robbery and breaking into the store.

Everything is broken, says Nati Abarito, the owner of the restaurant. We’re working hard on that. It’s sad for her. I know you want justice and all that, but this isn’t the right way.

Elsewhere in Beverly Hills, some people broke the windows of a police car with heavy machinery, including lowering the tires of a Santa Monica police car. On Rodeo Drive, a large group of young people were caught breaking into Alexander McQueen’s shop and leaving with the merchandise. Before that, a small group of peaceful demonstrators marched with signs along the road.

In Santa Ana about 250 people protested, and several times fireworks were thrown at the officers. About two or three buildings were looted and several small fires were started. At least one congressman was injured.

Earlier on Saturday the protests were peaceful and focused on the death of George Floyd, a man from Minneapolis whose death was recorded in a video showing an officer with a knee around his neck. A huge crowd marched through Pan Pacific Park. Many said they did not want the violence to divert attention from the demands made by Floyd and many others who died at the hands of the police.

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