No one can deny that the journey brings us better memories. No matter how often we pack up and leave, we always come back with something special to remind us whether the experience was good, bad or ugly. Here, seven film stars share their most unusual memories of unusual journeys.

In the name of love
When love lets you cross the boundaries of Saif Ali Khan’s distance
When: 21. September 2017
When: Cargil and Srinagar

It was Carina’s birthday, we’d just started dating and we wanted to celebrate. But I was in Mumbai and she was in Ladakh. Unfortunately, the airport of Ladakh was closed, the flights were delayed and the country was in chaos. Fortunately, the soul that breathes well offers a way out, she says: If she is willing to drive six hours to Cargil and you are willing to drive eight hours from Srinagar, then you can certainly have dinner at the Dzojila Pass Hotel.

Saif Ali enjoyed Bhutta on his way to Karina Kapoor Khan.

So I went with my office in Srinagar with Peony Ashish, who wore cappalas, and we both wore T-shirts. None of us realized how cold it would be. When we arrived in Srinagar, we drove to Zohila, cold, destitute and hungry. I only had one credit card, and we had to borrow money and sweaters from a taxi driver.

We finally arrived at the Zodzil at 8pm. Carina was there, and we lit a small fire on the small roof of the hotel and we finally celebrated her birthday with champagne and music from the stereo I had with me.

The next day we went to Srinagar and enjoyed the beauty of the trip. Surrounded by a semicircle of lush green mountains, Srinagar mainly attracts the charming and tranquil Lake Valley. We spent a few days there.

I hope Kashmir will return to the way it was and is for many of us. This journey has engraved itself in my memory. My generation has been stunned by the search for the one thing that makes love brave. And love made all the little bits of the journey much more meaningful.

Lifting and lighting
For skydiving (and bungee jumping) the mind raises high
Minsha Lamba
When: 2010, 2015
Where: Nepal and Hungary

Bungee jumping and skydiving have always been on my list. Nepal offers exceptional places to practice this sport. I stood on the edge of an unobstructed part of a bridge clinging between two hills. From here I wanted to jump to the river under which the meters roll. I jumped off the platform, but when I realized I was falling free, the adrenaline went all over my body. It was the most beautiful and crazy experience, full of fear and amazement at the same time.

In Hungary Minisha Lamba made her first parachute jump over Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe.

In Hungary I made my first parachute jump in Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. I was about 12,000 feet and there was only one way down! Skydiving is the last adrenaline rush. I tried not to shout too much.

Ode to Greece
Floating improvised solo voyage to Santorini
Mandira Bedi

When: 1-8 June 2018
When: Santorini, Greece

The craziest memory of my travels is my favorite solo trip – my trip to Greece. I went to Crete for the event and spent three days in another city. I didn’t decide which one, so I didn’t order anything. When I asked the locals for the best place to visit, I chose Santorini and booked a ferry crossing and an internet connection.

Mandira Bedi made an unplanned solo trip to Santorini and caused an explosion.

When the ferry arrived in Santorini, I was looking for a taxi, but I was advised to drive myself, so I decided to take it! It was a left-hand drive car, and with traffic rules completely opposite to ours, I crossed the island to Oyu and got lost several times on the road. When I finally arrived, I realized there was a safe parking lot about 500 meters away! So I went to the hotel with two suitcases. But it was worth it!

The sunset on Santorini was the most beautiful, and after this experience I promised myself one solo trip a year.

In the Wild
Get lucky on the girl’s journey to the Masai Mara and see the Big Five!
Mirza slide

When: July 2018
When: Masai Mara, South Africa

Sometimes pictures say more than words. I took these photos during my visit to the Masai-Mara, which is world famous for its extraordinary population of lions, leopards, cheetahs and elephants, and for the annual migration of wildlife, zebras, Tomsk gazelles and other antelopes to and from the Serengeti, known as the Great Migration.

Diya Mirza enjoyed the view of the Masai-Mar flora and fauna.

I have always enjoyed observing wild animals in their natural environment, and thanks to the landscape Mara offers endless possibilities for observation! Call it happiness or love. On our first trip to Mara we saw the so called Big 5, something that according to our naturalist many people will never see. We even met the last male and female southern white rhinos, which ecologists hoped to see mate to ensure a chance of survival for this endangered species.

May we all learn to appreciate and understand how all life on earth is connected.

Scottish Joy
A good time with your partner can be full of adventure, in Scotland
Himesh Resolve
When: 15. April – 15. May 2019
When: Scotland

I went to Scotland with Sonia’s wife to work and celebrate our first birthday. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Grinock were not only beautiful but also very hospitable to tourists. From crashing waves on the North Sea coast to the taverns and tearooms on the streets of the capital, Scotland has a wealth of experiences to offer beyond the everyday images of Scottish kilts and rain clouds.

Himes Reschamia enjoyed his stay in Scotland, especially on the North Sea coast.

Hiking is probably one of the most popular outdoor sports in Scotland, and with good reason – there is plenty of terrain to enjoy it. I also love the single-lane roads in Scotland, which have multiple entrances so cars can pass each other. Driving was fun! Even the food was divine. Sonya bought chocolate and decadent cakes, but unfortunately I was on a diet and Sonya didn’t let me cheat. But it was nice to see that she tasted those delicacies.

Scotland has many hiking trails, coastlines, hills and valleys. You need time to discover the beauty of this dynamic country. There are escapades around every corner.

Newspaper lock
When posing in Paris was possible and cooling
Sophie Chowdry
When: February 2020
When: Paris

Perhaps my craziest travel memory is the most recent, since I returned from London and Paris a few weeks ago amidst all this crown madness. I had to go to work, then I took a few days off to hang out with my brother in Paris, and it was beautiful and fantastic.

Sophie Chowdry enjoyed her stay in Paris with masks and gloves on, but not when posing for photos!

I don’t think the reality of the virus was lost there, because I was the only one wearing gloves and a mask and using disinfectant. I’m sure some people thought I was overreacting. But I don’t wear gloves on the pictures!

When I got home, I had to quarantine myself, so I think the whole experience will definitely stay in my memory.

French connection
You do not always have problems with tracking abroad!
Sarin Khan
When: 2017

Where: Paris

I went to Paris with my sister for the first time in 2017. While I was planning the trip, I explored the city and was told never to go out alone at night, otherwise I would be robbed. I just saw the queen’s movie where Kangana was stolen, so I took that advice very seriously.

Sarin Khan confused admirers and thieves during her vacation in Paris.

When we left the hotel one afternoon, I saw two men following us from across the street. To avoid the situation, I went to a café because I thought it would get rid of them, but they just waited outside. Because we could not wait indefinitely in the shop, we decided to return to our hotel. As soon as we left the cafe, the boys came to us. From minute to minute, I got more and more scared. Then they asked me if I really was Tsarina Khan, and if so, if I could be photographed with him. For some reason, I never thought I’d have non-Indian fans in Paris! My sister and I are still laughing at memories!

From 24. May 2020