Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis’ style of play is similar to that of the great Karim Abdul-Jabbar of the NBA, but without the three-point shooting, he said.

In response to a question from a Twitter fan, Abdul-Jabbar said that, with the exception of the 3-point shot, all other aspects of Davis’ game were similar to his.

Anthony Davis is the player who looks the most like me, but I’ve never shot him three times… But every other aspect of his game is similar to mine https://t.co/5sRO6fIFIY.

– Karim Abdul-Jabbar (@kay33) 24. March 2020.

It’s an interesting passage from the Lakers saga. Analysts have never compared Abdul-Jabbar to anyone else. He’s in her class for her, so it’s pretty cool of him to yell at Davis.

However, some fans wanted more specific details. Skyhawk, the trademark of Abdul-Jabbar, has only been imitated by NBA players, but has never been perfected. And since Davis didn’t have it in his attack arsenal, the fans quickly pointed it out.

Abdul-Jabbar is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His CV includes six NBA titles, six record-breaking The Most Valuable Player awards and 19 All-Star (all-time record) titles. With 38,387 points he is also the absolute leader.

In this context, Davis is certainly under great pressure to live up to the hype and continue the performance of one of the best Lakers of all time.

Although Davis hasn’t approached Karim’s status yet, he continues to forge his own path as a great, grand man. Since his relationship with the pelicans of New Orleans, there is no doubt about Davis’ talents. He is a tall man of 1.80 meters who can play basketball, but also dribbles and makes a small jump.

The Lakers Center is set to be crowned defensive player of the year until the suspension of the 2019-20 season. Karim Abdul-Jabbar’s insight will certainly attract a lot of criticism of Anthony Davis, but frankly he is doing very well.

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