After Tara Reed’s allegations of sexual violence against Joe Biden became more credible last week, the suspected presidential candidate first responded directly to Reed’s accusations. During a performance on MSNBC on Friday morning Joe Biden stated that Reed’s accusations were false and it seems that many singers in the #MeToo movement believe him.

That’s not true. Biden told Mike Brzezinski. Let me be clear: That never, ever happened. And it’s not. That never happened.

More than a month ago, Reed told his story in a podcast of Katie Halper’s show, and Biden had previously denied his accusations in a statement from a campaign representative. Biden’s campaign also noted that other staff members in his office questioned Reed’s story, with the former vice president saying he had not been charged with assault or harassment during his nearly five-year career in Washington.

However, Reed, who was a member of Biden’s Senate in 1992 and 1993, stated that she had submitted a report of harassment at the time, but no report of an alleged attack. Reid claims that Biden kissed her and stuck his fingers in the hallway of the Capitol when he was told to drop his sports bag.

He just nailed me to the wall, said Reed Halper. The wall was cold. I remember it happening right away. The sports bag. I don’t know where it went. I gave it to him and he’s gone. And his hands were on top of me and under my clothes, and then he pulled down my skirt, but then he stepped in and pierced me with his fingers.

I don’t need a lecture or a speech.

This was @SpeakerPelosi’s answer to a question from @KerryPicket, the Washington investigator, asking whether the charge of sexual abuse against @JoeBiden. was measured by a double standard.

– Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) 30. April 2020.

After he refused to work with him, Reid said that Biden had told him that he had heard that she was in love with him, he got angry and told him she was nothing. Mrs Reed also claims to have spoken to two women about the attack in the 1990s, and both women have confirmed this claim. But they couldn’t prove or deny the attack, just that Reid told them it was happening.

Reid also said that her mother mentioned Larry King Live CNN in the 1990s and that her daughter had had problems with an American senator while working in her state. There was an incident with Reed’s mother last week. Although she didn’t give Biden’s name on the phone, she said her daughter had tried to report her situation, but no one had helped her.

In 1993, Tara Reed’s mother named Larry King…

to report Joe Biden’s sexual assault on his daughter.

Four page sources have confirmed the story of Tara Reid:
-Brother friend Neighbour Formera Neighbour Formera Neighbour Formera Neighbour Formera

Yeah, FOUR sources.

– #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) 28. April 2020

Originally Reed was one of the many women who came in 2019 and said that Biden had caused them physical discomfort because of his touch. She stated that she had lodged a written complaint with the Human Resources Department of the Senate, but that her whereabouts had not been established. All of Biden’s documents relating to his tenure as a Senator in Delaware are currently under lock and key at the University of Delaware.

Despite claims from Reed, two corroborating witnesses and Larry King’s live video, many #MeToo supporters supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election, including Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and actress Alice Milano.

Rose McGowan throws crook Alissa Milano off the trail for supporting Biden on an assault charge, and cites Cavanaugh’s hypocrisy to #FoxNews.

– IW – A Stranger in White (@Alieninwhite) 26. April 2020.

When Washington-based expert journalist Pelosi asked this week why she sided with Biden and not Reid, but supported Dr. Cristina Blasey Ford, who had a similar accusation against Supreme Court Brett Cavanaugh, the spokesman said she respected the MeToo movement, but supported Biden.

I respect your question, and I don’t need a lecture or a speech, Mrs. Pelosi said. I have total respect for the entire MeToo movement. I have four daughters and a son. And there is a lot of enthusiasm for the idea that women can be heard and be heard.


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