After Ben Stiller announced on Monday that his father, Jerry Stiller, had died of natural causes at the age of 92, former stars and famous friends of the legendary comedian went on social networks to share their memories and kind words in his honor.

Ben tweeted Monday morning that Jerry was a great-grandfather and grandfather, and Ben also noted that his star Zoolander was Anna’s most devoted husband at the age of 62. Ben said we’re all going to miss his father very much and he ended his tweet by just writing: I love you, Daddy.

Rest in peace #JerryStiller

– Lindsey Arlos (@Lindsey Arlos) 12. May 2020.

Ben’s parents, Jerry Stiller and Ann Mira, formed a popular acting team in the sixties known as Stiller and Mira. The duo performed regularly with Johnny Carson in Ed Sullivan and at tonight’s show. Anna Mira passed away in May 2015 at the age of 85.

Later in his career Jerry returned as Frank Costanza to the Seinfeld sitcom of the nineties. After the series he switched to the role of Arthur Spooner in Queen Queens, which he played for nine seasons until the end of the series in 2007.

I wasn’t the first father at Seinfeld. There’s another father I replaced, Jerry Esquire told me in 2005. I was unemployed at the time. My director has resigned. I was about 70 years old and I had nowhere else to go. I’ve got a chance with signal box. I didn’t even see the show.

Jerry Stiller was as big as Frank Costanza. Festivus & Serenity Now will always be

– Karan (@iamkar4n) 12. May 2020.

Jerry said the idea was that he had to wear a bald wig to look like George and behave very neatly next to Estelle Harris screaming. But a few days later he realized he would be fired for the role, just like the previous one, so he asked Larry David if he could play the role his own way.

Jerry Seinfeld posted a photo of the Stiller and Meara Ed Sullivan comedy album Presents the Last Two People in the World and wrote in the subtitle that Jerry Stiller’s comedy will live forever.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared a Seinfeld Blooper with Stiller and wrote that he was such a funny and sweet man. Jason Alexander wrote that Jerry Stiller was the kindest man he had ever been allowed to work with.

The rival stars of Stiller in Queens also shared love. Patton Oswalt has tweeted that Jerry is a true comedy legend and has even humbly thought to play with him in the scenes.

The truth is, it happened over and over again with Jerry Stiller. He was such a funny and expensive man. We loved him. RIP Jerry Stiller.

– Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@Official JLD) 11. May 2020.

You were at the iodized comedy scene. I saw you laughing when you went into the kitchen and talked: Good morning, Douglas! Oswalt writes.

Kevin James wrote that Stiller was one of the friendliest, most loving and nicest people this country has ever blessed, while Leah Remini dated her father from television and wrote that she had the chance to play Jerry’s daughter for nine years. She adds that she was lucky to know Stiller as a man, a husband, a father and a grandfather.


The only consolation I get is that Ann and Jerry, the great comedy duo Stiller & Meara, are back together again. I will be eternally grateful for his memories, for the conversations and years of laughter his father had outside the camera, for the kindness he had towards me and my family… You’re going to miss Jerry very much, Remini wrote.


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