hifiberry-logo Do you pay attention to great deal of songs utilizing a great old amplifier and also a fantastic collection of stereo audio speakers? The HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ may be right up your street. Perhaps you are a fortunate proprietor of a NAD 3020 amp and also you have a valuable collection of plastics, that you, like me, think still seems ideal on apms from 70 s– 80 s, and also the resource must be a plastic? I understand the sensation, believe me. Do not obtain me incorrect, I’m addicted to devices and also can not truly envision my everyday without them, however not when it involves songs. I never ever valued CDs, also if I rather approve the exceptional audio high quality that (the majority of the moment) they provide, however still, no CD ever before seems so great as my Led Zeppelin plastic.

However as Bob Dylan claimed back in the 60 s: “The Times They Are a-Changin”, and also just recently I determined I will certainly require to attempt something that may be fairly comparable to my plastics, however with all the benefits that the electronic age deals. I never ever wished to change to CDs, although I do have a great deal of them. I maintained my stereo amp for songs, and also I have a border AVR too for HTPC usage. Lastly I located the service that I dropped in love considering that the initial day I began to utilize HiFiBerry. I still maintain going back to my plastics, and also no one will certainly persuade me that anything can appear much better, however I located myself taking pleasure in the brand-new means of paying attention to songs just as interesting.

That Is HiFiBerry For?

  • The DAC+ is for those that are searching for a superb high quality devoted audio gamer Raspberry Pi gadget for stereo songs ( RCA) at a really sensible cost
  • DIGI+ for those that are utilizing Kodi (LibreElec, OpenElec) on a Raspberry Pi that require electronic audio outcome (S/PDIF) for songs or border movie theater
  • For those that wishes to utilize their costs Spotify account with a specialized songs gamer (with RuneAudio, still in beta)

What I desired is a means to have my songs played from my house web server or some comparable service, however still to maintain the analog outcome, to maintain all my songs in electronic layout (ideally a lossless layout like FLAC, however I still have a a lot of top quality mp3 documents around, also if mp3 is not to be connected with high quality), and also to regulate my songs playback from my mobile phone or note pad. I likewise wished to utilize Spotify, and also all this in a solitary basic arrangement. I browsed a great deal on audiophile online forums for various options, and also lots of people began to advise a Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry add board, a high-resolution digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi.

Great equipment needs appropriate software program. Fortunately there are some tasks produced and also created by actual audiophile professionals with complete Raspberry Pi and also HiFiBerry assistance, fine-tuned to near excellence to eject the last ideal little bit and also byte of high quality from these fantastic items of equipment. What complies with is an evaluation of the HiFiBerry items that transform your Raspberry Pi right into an (even more after that beginning) audiophile gamer, without clearing your checking account.

An essential element for me was that whatever needs to be“ready to use” I wished to get the called for parts and also simply placed them with each other. I obtain the Raspberry Pi gadget, mount the HiFiBerry DAC+ component, placed whatever right into a suitable instance, which’s it, on-line.

There will certainly be a follow-up overview for mounting and also setting up your Raspberry Pi & HiFiBerry add-on component with RuneAudio to begin appreciating your songs.

If you wish to assemble a specialized sound gamer of outstanding high quality to playback your songs collection the Raspberry Pi + HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ will certainly be your friend. If you have a costs Spotify account you will certainly have the ability to utilize it with your brand-new arrangement (still in beta, there are some restrictions).


  • Exceptional audio high quality for cost
  • Extremely very easy to set up
  • Exceptional software program assistance from audiophile programmers
  • HiFiBerry boards are completely sustained by RuneAudio, Volumio, Kodi, LibreELEC, OpenELEC, etc


  • The most effective audio high quality can be accomplished with filteringed system power supply, which needs alterations to the component

HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ Starting

HiFiBerry items are made by the Modul 9 business in Switzerland. They are concentrated on premium audio playback on ingrained tools and also provide outstanding items. This moment we are concentrating on their HiFiBerry DAC+ and also DIGI+ add boards created Raspberry Pi A+/ B+/ 2/3/Zero. They also have the HiFiBerry AMP+, which is a Class-D power amplifier for the Raspberry Pi, a best service for multi-room audio installments and also a really intriguing item with numerous opportunities. I intend to go back to a much more comprehensive testimonial of the Amp+ in the future.

What Are These Add Boards?

You just connect them to the GPIO of your Raspberry Pi, no added soldering is called for. Obtain a suitable instance created the HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ (or you can develop the instance from Lego if you desire), and also you are great to go. As it is with Raspberry Pi tools, I highly advise to utilize a respectable power supply of a minimum of 2.5 A. The HiFiBerry DAC+ and also DIGI+ does not need added power supply, it is powered by the power supply of the Pi.

Obviously, if you are a hardcore audiophile, you can change the board to utilize a different filtered power supply as opposed to the changing power supply for the Raspberry Pi to accomplish also much better audio high quality. Nevertheless, this needs some soldering and also alteration of the HiFiBerry board. You need to understand what you are doing and also have the essential abilities. First try and also pay attention to the audio you obtain with no alterations. If you like what you listen to, after that appreciate the songs. Bear in mind, there is constantly a following degree of high quality, particularly when it involves audio devices.

HiFiBerry DAC+

You require the HiFiBerry DAC+ variation if you require a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), that is, you wish to link your Raspberry Pi to a stereo amp with RCA cord. Older amplifiers do not have electronic inputs (coaxial or S/PDIF inputs). It is truly not simply a misconception, if you desire outstanding audio high quality, you need to absolutely utilize a stereo amplifier and also not a brand-new( emergency room) border AVR. There are some great border AVR systems that provide the audio high quality of stereo amps, however they set you back a ton of money. Obviously, you can utilize the DAC+ with any kind of brand-new AVR device that has RCA inputs, which every one of them do.


The DAC+ can be found in 4 various variations: Light, Criterion, Pro, No. I advise the Pro variation as the cost distinction contrasted to Criterion is around $10 The Pro variation features gold layered RCA, and also the clock generator is a double ultra-low jitter Xpresso oscillators consisted of on the board. You are likewise great with the Criterion variation. Obtain the DAC+ if you wish to utilize it with a stereo amplifier and also obtain the most effective stereo high quality, and also you do not require electronic sound (you can still utilize the HDMI port on your Pi for multi network sound with a HDMI suitable AVR).

The HiFiBerry DAC+ Criterion and also Pro variations have a specialized 192 kHz/24 little bit premium Burr-Brown DAC for ideal audio high quality, and also equipment quantity control. You can regulate the outcome quantity utilizing alsamixer or any kind of application that sustains ALSA mixer controls.

The HiFiBerry DAC+ is a superb option if you wish to assemble a specialized stereo sound gamer for around $100 (cost inclusive of Raspberry Pi 2 or 3), and also you wish to appreciate outstanding audio high quality on your great old stereo amplifier or AVR. In my viewpoint the audio high quality is outstanding, particularly taking into consideration the worth you obtain for your cash. You will certainly locate some audiophiles whining regarding the high quality (particularly due to the Pi’s power supply), however as constantly, we take into consideration below the worth you obtain for your cash. I truly advise to attempt it out and also court on the high quality you listen to and also experience.


On the above photo you can see a HiFiBerry DAC+ Criterion mounted on a Raspberry Pi 2.

HiFiBerry DIGI+

You require the HiFiBerry DIGI+ variation if you wish to utilize S/PDIF outcome as opposed to stereo analog RCA. Obviously, you will certainly require an AVR with S/PDIF input offered to utilize the DIGI+, and also utilize either a coaxial RCA cord or a fiber optic cord with TOSLINK port.


The specialized S/PDIF user interface chip sustains as much as 192 kHz/24 little bit resolution, and also you can utilize it for border audio as well, not simply for stereo (as an example, in Kodi). There are 3 variations offered, Criterion, Transformer, and also Pro. Without entering into way too much technological information regarding the distinctions below, I would certainly claim that probably you are great with the Criterion variation, unless you require the variation with galvanic seclusion (beneficial if you like the coaxial RCA cord) and also double low-jitter Xpresso oscillators. If you understand what is this and also you require galvanic seclusion, after that you need to choose the Transformer or Pro variation. The DIGI+ is likewise fantastic for songs, however older stereo amps normally do not have electronic inputs, see to it to inspect this on your amp prior to purchasing!

My AVR is an older one, with no HDMI inputs. I do have nevertheless S/PDIF input on the AVR (both coaxial and also TOSLINK), and also I am extremely completely satisfied with the HiFiBerry DIGI+ Criterion variation. I utilize it likewise to pay attention to songs, however it functions fantastic with Kodi as a border audio outcome for Dolby Digital and also DTS tracks for flicks. I really did not wish to change my AVR even if of the absence of HDMI inputs, for that reason the HiFiBerry DIGI+ was a superb service for me.

Note: as a result of duplicate security factors it is not feasible to outcome HD interpretation sound over S/PDIF, for that reason if you desire DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD sound you will certainly require to utilize HDMI.


On the above photo you can see a HiFiBerry DIGI+ Criterion mounted on a Raspberry Pi 2.

A checklist of equipment and also devices what you will certainly require to assemble your audiophile sound gamer. Undoubtedly, if you have some Raspberry Pi’s existing about, or SD Card, audio cords, etc, after that you require just to get the parts you are missing out on.

Raspberry Pi


If you intend to utilize the HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ as a specialized sound gamer, after that you need to utilize a Raspberry Pi 3 (or a Raspberry Pi 2). You can likewise utilize A+/ B+ variation, however if you do not have some A+/ B+ variations existing around and also you require to get a Pi, I would certainly advise the RPi 3, as the cost distinction is truly tiny. If you require DAC+ after that you can also utilize a RPi No, however because instance you will certainly require the HiFiBerry DAC+ No variation (DIGI+ does not have a NO variation) and also you require to solder a 40- pin man header to the board. Pick No if you are prepared to do the added job.

HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ Board

You need to currently understand if you wish to choose a DAC+ or a DIGI+ variation. To clear up, if you do not require border audio and also you wish to utilize the gamer with a great old stereo amp as a specialized sound gamer, after that choose the DAC+ Pro variation. The only factor I attend choose DIGI+ board is if you do not wish to utilize the Pi as a specialized sound gamer however likewise as a multimedia gamer, and also you will certainly utilize Kodi (LibreELEC) to pay attention to your songs and also see your flicks. After that the DIGI+ Criterion variation need to be great for you.

Power Supply

Obtain a respectable a minimum of 2.5 A power supply for your RPi (see to it you access the very least a 2.5 A if you are filing a claim against a Raspberry Pi 3 board). A high quality power supply can conserve you great deal of migraines. Look out for the low-cost power products that can be found in particular sets, they can create you a great deal of stress.

The NorthPada UL Noted 2.5 A is good high quality power supply that I can advise. (Ensure you obtain the plug variation you require!)

HiFiBerry Compatible Situations

There are some fantastic instances offered, see to it you obtain the variation you require, as a various variation of instance is needed for the HiFiBerry DAC+ and also DIGI+. I saw some truly fantastic Do It Yourself instances about, it is truly as much as you and also your creativity. HiFiBerry provides some outstanding instances, you can not fail with these, and also they are made to fit flawlessly with their DAC+ and also DIGI+ boards.


The HiFiBerry Instance for DAC+ and also DIGI+ is a straightforward and also practical instance. It is useful, as you obtain 2 variations of the audio outcome side, for that reason you can utilize it for both DAC+ and also DIGI+. The suited the ports are fairly exact.


If you desire something of far better high quality and also overview, after that you can choose the HiFiBerry steel instance for HiFiBerry DAC+ or HiFiBerry steel instance for HiFiBerry DIGI+, offered with black or combed covers. I truly like these instances, and also they truly look expert.

SD Card

Relying On the sound software program you pick, you need to be great with an 8GB SD card. I presume that you wish to utilize the RPi + HiFiBerry set as a specialized sound gamer AND ALSO you do not wish to save your songs on the SD Card, however on a NAS, outside Hard disk drive, and so on

Obtain a 8GB Course 10 mini SD card, or considering that the costs for a 16 GB SD Card are essentially the exact same, you can choose the 16 GB variation.

Sound Cord

Obtain a top quality cord to link your HiFiBerry DAC+ or DIGI+ to your stereo amp or AVR. I’m truly not a follower of cords that set you back a ton of money, however see to it you do not obtain a budget plan cord either. A mid variety high quality is normally a great concession. For DAC+ you will certainly require a stereo RCA cord, while for the DIGI+ you can pick to utilize optical (TOSLINK) or coax (inspect the input on your AVR, however probably you have both). Lots of suggest that the coaxial RCA cord is much better after that the optical, I leave this as much as you (I directly take into consideration both just as great).

If you are brand-new to the audiophile “universe”, you will certainly be most likely stunned when you initially consider the cost of the luxury high quality cords. They set you back a ton of money (hello, they set you back greater than the Pi3 or the HiFiBerry component), and also while I make sure these luxury cords are remarkable, I simply really feel that a respectable mid-range cord is greater than adequate for the majority of us.

For DAC+ you will certainly require a stereo RCA-RCA cord. I can advise the adhering to cord RCA Sound Cord 2 RCA to 2 RCA 24 K Gold Plated Oxygen Free Secured by KabelDirekt, valued in between $10– 15.

If you desire an audiophile identified cord (still from the reduced end, however fairly valued), after that you can choose the Oyaide Neo d+ Collection Course B RCA Cord, which are a bit extra pricey at $35, however you obtain actual high quality for the cost.

For DIGI+ you will certainly require an optical TOSLINK electronic sound cord or a coax cable. I can advise the Optical TOSLINK Digital Sound Cord PRO Collection by KabelDirekt, valued $7– 12.

For coaxial the FosPower RCA Man to RCA Man Costs S/PDIF Digital Sound Coax Cord.

If you are a fortunate person that can listen to the distinction in between 2 good high quality collection of cords, after that pick the one you assume audios much better for you.

Storage Space

You will certainly require to save your songs someplace. You have numerous alternatives: a NAS, a house web server (opportunities are fantastic you currently have a tiny house web server set up utilizing a Raspberry Pi), or an outside hard disk drive. You can link an outside 2.5 ″ hard disk drive to your Pi, however it is not assured to function without an extra power supply (like an energetic powered USB CENTER).

Utilizing a respectable power supply with the Pi and also a lately brand-new reduced power USB 2.5 HDD you will most likely have the ability to link it straight to your Pi, and also do limit USB Present hack to provide some even more power to the USB ports (crucial: if you will certainly run RuneAudio, do not do the rpi-update). I run numerous of these and also all job great, however I currently had some 2.5 ″ drives that will not function without an energetic USB CENTER.


You will certainly require to link your Pi to the house network and also most likely Web. As constantly, I advise to do this with a LAN cord, however you can attempt to try out Wi-fi as well. With RPi 3 you currently have actually an integrated in Wi-fi. Opportunities are fantastic that for songs, also lossless layout, you will certainly be great with a respectable WiFi link. Keep in mind: some records assert that the HiFiBerry boards will certainly reduce a little bit the series of the constructed in Wi-fi adapter of the RPi3, take this opportunity right into factor to consider.


If you intend to utilize the gamer as a brainless device (which is probably the instance), after that you will certainly utilize your mobile phone or tablet computer as the remote. Both RuneAudio and also Volumio are managed from the UI obtainable from any kind of web browser.

You likewise have applications to regulate both RuneAudio and also Volumio. There is the main RuneAudio application for Android, for apple iphone you can utilize MPDluxe, for Windows (consisting of Phone) Smokeshaft. Obviously, you can utilize any kind of gadget that has a web browser to regulate the gamer: note pad, tablet computer or desktop computer. So opportunities are fantastic that you currently have a remote, you simply require to obtain the application, or release your favored web browser.

Your Songs Collection

Also the most effective collection of audiophile devices does not appear great if the resource you use it is of poor quality. In our instance you will certainly require to have your songs collection in electronic layout. Undoubtedly, the most effective is to save your songs in a lossless layout like FLAC, you can tear your CDs to FLAC with no high quality loss (if you utilize the appropriate means to do this, like Specific Sound Duplicate, also known as EAC). I did this with my songs collection that I carry CDs, and also the CDs are simply remaining on the rack. I can not keep in mind when was the last time I utilized my CD gamer.

My fave is still Spotify, and also their superior streaming solution is currently sustained by RuneAudio (still speculative, however it functions fantastic, do bear in mind that you require a costs Spotify account to make this job!). Spotify provides Ogg Vorbis layout at 320 Kbps, and also while it is not lossless, it is great high quality. And also the outstanding strategies Spotify provides and also the large variety of songs you have accessibility to by coming to be a customer. They use a 30 day test, see to it you inspect them out if you really did not yet.

I directly like to stay clear of mp3s. They can still appear in fact fairly great, however I do not truly see a reason that would certainly any person utilize them today and also discuss outstanding high quality at the exact same time. As constantly, it relies on your devices, your ear for the songs, and also the high quality of the mp3 documents itself.

Exactly how you save your songs collection and also the layout you pick relies on your individual choices. When you are pleased with what you year after that you can begin appreciating your songs. Ensure you look into various other alternatives to hear what is feasible, and also opt for the one you locate the most effective (and also still can pay for). An extremely crucial feature of your entire songs arrangement: see to it that your devices is essentially on the exact same degree in regards to high quality. There is no actual factor of utilizing a high-end amplifier if you do not have audio speakers of the exact same high quality, you will not listen to the distinction in audio in such a way it was suggested to be.

I need to highlight, things I composed below are based upon my individual experience when it involves songs listening. You can locate a great deal of favorable testimonials regarding the HiFiBerry boards, typically individuals are fairly completely satisfied with them. Bear in mind, there is constantly something much better, advanced, extra expert, and so on. The majority of the audiophiles (and also I do not consider myself an audiophile, simply a real songs fanatic) have a tendency to overemphasize points and also obtain shed in seeking the most effective feasible audio high quality, and also along this roadway they neglect one of the most crucial point: to locate time to pay attention to and also appreciate songs!

Since you most likely have your equipment for the audio gamer, it is time to mount the audio gamer software program. Our brand-new overview will certainly reveal you exactly how to mount and also set up RuneAudio on a Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry add component, and also we will certainly likewise set up Spotify streaming.

Reward yo ’ self to a brand-new gizmo!

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