The appearance of the coronavirus has caused anxiety in humans, which has led to a change in consumer behaviour. Buyers stockpile essential things because the contagious virus continues to spread all over the world. With leisure areas such as gymnasiums, a park and a theatre closed until the end of this month, and with many companies offering people the opportunity to work from home, people have started stockpiling food and hygiene products. However, another trend can be observed in the sale of condoms on the roof. Last week, sales of many chain stores increased by almost 25-50%.

People have a lot of time now, and they’re bored at home, said Shah Kharshal, owner of a medical supply store in southern Mumbai, adding that people tend to prefer small packages, but demand for larger packages has risen significantly. He says: In general, people prefer to buy tutus in threes, but last week most people bought tutus in ten and twenty years.

Ajay Sabrawal, a shopkeeper in the same neighborhood, repeats a similar thought It’s funny, because normally we see a peak in sales during the holidays, especially in the New Year. People hoard drugs and buy condoms. I’ve increased my stock by 25%.

Dinesh Kumar Sharma, who works at Medikos Shiv, DLF Phase 1, Gurugram says there has been an increase in demand for contraceptive pills and sexual protection since last week. The condom is a condom with a wrapper that lays the Jaane hai. For the products ki sale ek-do hafto increases hai, especially jab se malls ka shutdown hona shuru hua hai.

Apollo Pharmacy personnel, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram says… Sales of condoms and other contraceptives have increased. In fact, demand outstrips supply. Suresh de Isha Medicos, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, confirms the upward trend in sales of contraceptives Since the closure of offices and markets, sales of condoms have increased significantly.

Buying a condom is no longer considered taboo. Interestingly, even women are no longer afraid to buy condoms, says Vishy Joshi, owner of a medical supply store in southern Mumbai: The percentage of women buying condoms is higher than that of men. Many housewives also ask for condoms. Turnover increased by 15%. Joshie adds that in addition to condoms, sales of emergency contraceptives, which are otherwise quite low, also increased during this period. He says: Such a request is unforeseen. I never thought the virus would increase sales of contraceptives.

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Sales of sex toys have also increased since the outbreak of the virus. A spokesperson for an online shop selling sex toys across India said their number has increased by about 10-15%, but they are having delivery problems. He says: In the last ten days we have seen an increase in sales. However, due to the epidemic and the curfew in the giant countries, all orders placed in the last two days have been postponed. We try to ship as many orders as possible. We have also noticed an increase in the part where people can express their sexual desires.

Pornhub, one of the world’s largest pornographic sites, announced that total traffic on the site has increased by 11.6%. About 120 million people visit the website on a normal day, but with the increase in traffic almost 134 million people get their dose every day. The website also offered free premium content for Italy, France and Spain, with above-average growth rates of 57%, 38.2% and 61.3% respectively. The website also has a new section called Covid 19 content, the main part of which is dedicated to people who have sex with face masks.

(With the contribution of Aprajita Sharad)