The final part of a long-term film franchise based on Stephen King’s The Children of the Corn has been completed in Australia, barely delayed by the coronavirus pandemic that has paralyzed much of show business in the last three months. The film directed by Kurt Wimmer is a return to the original material by editing the same novel that served as the basis for the original film in 1984. After the success of this film, Children of Corn won nine sequels, which lasted until 2018. While only the children of Corn II: Final Sacrifice was shown in theaters, the series is one of the few examples of the name in which live video episodes were streamed on VHS, DVD, Blu-ray and digital video, all in real time as the series was developed.

The producers gave details of the variety and assured the craftsmen that they had taken extraordinary measures to make the sets safe for the actors and crew. They also announced the stars of the film: Elena Campouris, Kate Moyer, Callana Malvey and Bruce Spence. Fans will remember Malvy as Anatoli Knyazev in Batman vs: The dawn of justice and the evil Jack Rollins in Captain America: Winter soldier and avenger: The game is over. Spence appeared in Lord of the Rings: The return of the king, while the youngest members of the cast, Campouris and Moyer, appeared in my great Greek Wedding 2 and Holly Hobby respectively. Moyer has also played a small, unpublished role in IT, while Campouris is expected to play a major role in the upcoming adaptation of Netflix’ Jupiter Mark Millar comic book.

Producer Lucas Foster told Variety that this version had almost nothing to do with the 1984 film. We returned to [the] story [of the King] and we were freed from it, he said.

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According to the report, the film tells the story of the events that led to the massacre of adults, including their children, in a small town in Nebraska after the irresponsible behaviour of adults destroyed the crops and the future of the children.

The last part is certainly ripe for political comment.

Stephen King’s official website describes the original story that Burt and Vicky went on holiday to Nebraska in California to save their failed marriage. In an accident where they hit a boy on a road, they bring the body to Gaitlin, a small, isolated community nearby. At the heart of the plot: their encounters with strange inhabitants of Gaitlin and the essence they call He Who Walks Behind the Lines.

Some of Stephen King’s stories are in various stages of adaptation after the great success of computer science in Hollywood. In many cases, such as here, even stories that have already been adapted for the cinema are repeated. New understudies for stories like Der Stand, Salem’s Lot and The Tommyknockers are in different stages of development.

Regardless of the adaptation, King generally supports the translation of his stories into films and soap operas, which makes us think about what he thinks of the current revival of Corn Children. As early as 2016, the author expressed his support for the original film, but admitted that he did not like the many sequels.

There must be some pictures where I feel like King shared them with Deadline. One of them, the Cemetery Shift, was carried out in the 1980s. It’s just a picture of how fast it works. I could do it without all the Kids Corn suing. Actually, I really like the original. I think they did pretty well. Among the small pictures, probably the best of Cujo, with Di Wallace.

Stay with us to learn more about the new Corn Kids.

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