The California Department of Health announced today, Tuesday, that the counties that met the criteria for accelerated hair and hair salon coverage could reopen hair and hairdressing salons with changes such as mandatory facial coverage for both hairdressers and stylists and customers. Public health officials have noted that Californians who stay at home and are cautious when leaving their homes have helped to smooth the KOVID 19 curve. Public health officials acknowledge that today’s announcement is also based on national indicators such as PSA rates, screening capacity, surgical capacity and hospitalization.

Permitted activities include services that can be provided both to the employee and to the customer for the entire duration of the service in face covering. These include cutting, dyeing, blowing, weaving and stretching, weaving, curling, wig care and relaxing hair treatments.

Salon activities that cannot be carried out under the cover of both employees and customers or that require touching the customer’s face, such as shaving, hair removal, threading, eyelashes and facial treatments, are currently prohibited in all districts. The nail salons also remain closed.

Together, the Californians in our state have only a limited number of infections, and because of this work, many counties may decide to resume custom hair care and styling services, said Dr. Sonia Angell, State Commissioner of Health and director of the California Department of Public Health. Yet COVID-19 is still present in our communities and we are still in danger. When we go outside, it is important to keep our distance, wear protective covers in public and wash our hands often to protect ourselves and others.

Salons and hairdressers have to reopen under the new management:

  • Take measures to ensure a physical distance of at least two metres between employees and customers and between customers themselves, except in the case of hairstyles and other services that are in close contact.
  • Make sure there are temperature and/or symptom checks for all employees at the beginning of the shift and for all sellers, contractors and other employees entering the company.
  • Encourage staff and clients who are sick or have symptoms of KOVID-19 to stay at home.
  • Check in with clients on arrival and be prepared to cancel or reschedule an appointment with a client showing signs of illness.
  • Require employees and clients to use facial policies and other hair care services that are in close contact with each other throughout their hairstyle.

For more information on the state guidelines for COVID-19, visit the California Department of Public Health Management website.

For more information about the reopening of California and what people can do to prevent the spread of KOVID-19, visit the website of the Coronavirus (KOVID-19) in California.

San Luis Obispo County Press release

In the district of San Luis Obispo, places of worship, hairdressing salons and barbershops can be opened with a limited number of services and/or modifications.

Such changes will only take effect after approval by the District Health Authority in accordance with the State’s instructions.

We are pleased to announce that our District Health Service has approved modified personal religious services and hairdressing services, said District Health Commissioner Dr. Penny Borenstein.

The new government guide (PDF) on religious services and cultural ceremonies encourages organisations to continue their online services and activities, including the protection of those most at risk of the most serious form of VIDOC-19, seniors and those with special medical needs. In places of worship, personal religious services and funerals can begin with a maximum capacity of 25% or 100 participants, whichever is lower. School attendance by religious children is still forbidden according to state regulations.

The new government manual (PDF) for hairdressers and hairdressing salons limits the list of services to those that can be provided both to the employee and to the client during the period of service. Services such as hair removal and personal care that cannot be provided under the cover of both the employee and the customer must be suspended until such services are resumed. Personal services such as nail salons, spas and massage rooms cannot be opened at this time.

Prior to reopening, SLO County branches and companies must complete and sign the KOVID-19 Self-Assessment and Certification Form for each branch in the county that is ready for reopening. Tools, signs and reopened public health criteria and guides for each industry can be found at

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