After months of waiting, caused by constant delays, Sony has finally discovered the PlayStation 5 console and its live games. The landscape remained in ecstasy, even after the flow began to flow, as Sony decided to feed its audience with the name Information Drop, which eventually led to the release of the official design of the console. Yes, it’s multiple like two consoles; one with a panel connection and one without.

The current hasn’t been disappointing. In fact, twice as many names were identified as for the Inside Xbox May event. For a complete overview you can consult this link.

For example, certain franchises were acquired that contributed to the success of the PlayStation console brand.

So, are you ready to see the future of PlayStation? If this is the case, do a full live broadcast, followed by a bypass at the bottom.


Like Microsoft, Sony is also planning to release two versions of the PS5 console. One is a standard model with a disk drive, while the other is slightly smaller and digital. Both have the same elegant, curved design in white on black.

Other PS5 console accessories include a stand for charging the two-way controller, a remote control and headphones. Neither a price nor a launch date was mentioned, but the expectation is that the console will be ready in 2021.

Control unit

Although the Dualsense controller had been discovered a few months before this current, the information was still rather vague. Fortunately, the trailer of the controller summarises all the features of the PS5. These include the above-mentioned haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, the integrated microphone and speaker and the USB connection and motion sensor.


Spider-Man: Moral Miles

Sony first showed Spider-Man: Miles Morales, sequel to the exclusive PS4 Spider-Man. This time, Spider’s popular protégé, Miles Morales, will be in New York to fight evil like a slingshot from a weaver. The game’s coming out on vacation.

Gran Turismo 7

The new generation of consoles usually means that a new Gran Turismo is appearing on the horizon. The Polyphony digital racing simulator comes back with even more realistic details, but the real thrill is that Gran Turismo 5 will also include a campaign mode.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar’s beautiful Juggernaut Grand Theft Auto 5 makes the leap to PS5 in 2021 and makes the second transition to the next generation. Rockstar will not only include the latest version of the improved visuals, but will also offer free bonuses for this occasion. The GTA online mode will be free for all PS5 owners, and PS4 owners will receive $1 million in-game credits.

Ratchet and tinkle: Lateral fracture

Ratchet and Clank return to the PS5, and this time the ballistic duo has no space vents and launches them to different planets and even different sizes.

The trailer was equipped with robots, dinosaurs and an alternative rattle.

Atia project

Square Enix and Luminous Productions presented their new role-playing game Project Atia. Exclusive title on PS5 with amazing power, centered around the main character. The gameplay included tricks such as long distance jumping and fascinating plants. It seems that there are also mythical creatures, such as dragons, with which you can compete. There is not a single word in the output window.

Homeless people

Then Annapurna Interactive revealed her game Homeless. This ambitious name has imposed itself in a world in which humans – extinct robots – are in the process of replacing them. In this dark world, however, players will play the role of a cat. The contest starts in 2021.

Back to

Sony and Housemarque have launched a new return franchise, a fantastic third-person shooter. Players slip into the role of a cosmonaut trapped in a time loop. Players begin the cycle by landing on an alien planet full of threats, but everything on Earth changes every time it dies.

Dismissed: The great adventure

The Little Big Planet franchise is back in business: A great adventure. However, this time the mechanics is in 3D and more action-oriented than in 2D.

Destruction of the Allstars

Lucid Games was next in his action sport Destruction Allstars. The game seems to be a kind of destructive derby, with demolition cars circling and even running over the wall.

Kena: Ghost bridge

Developed by Amber’s lab, Ken: Bridge of Spirits is a fantasy action and adventure game. It has an intelligence platform, a magical battle against monsters and creatures that graze.

Goodbye, Great Volcano.

This is a new game of PO_OP, which will certainly be one of the most visually enticing. She has a manuscript, a cartoon world with anthropomorphic dinosaurs going through school life until the asteroid crashes on Earth. It must be an emotional journey to the Ice Age.

It’s a strange world: The storm of souls

The last entry in the franchise is like a return to the form transaction with a 2D platform that hasn’t existed for many years.

The protagonist Abe returns to his family through the levels. But in this crazy world, everything seems even darker than before: It’s a blizzard of chills. The trailer shows that these NVKs can be mowed, mutilated and burned by recklessness. Coordination is therefore the key to their survival.

The ghost wire: Tokyo.

When players first heard about Ghostwire Bethesda and Tango Gameworks : Tokyo premiered at the E3 2019 in a movie trailer. Today, companies have finally opened their doors for the PS5 event and are showing true gaming spirit. It has been shown that in the fight against the ego, psychic abilities are used to defeat ghosts. The contest is scheduled for 2021.

Jett: Extended Bank

The new Indie Super Brother title is dedicated to the question of how humanity turns to the stars for salvation.

Jett: On the other side is a rocket that leaves Earth for a journey to another planet that seems to take centuries. The gameplay of the flight is also shown.


After several months of waiting, the first trailer of the Godfall game for speed and counter play was presented at the event. The third person action combat game is similar to the diagonal hacking game, where players use different weapons and unlock powerful armor. This happens this holiday period.


Sunny Ash is a new colorful adventure game for PS5 from AnnPurna, the manufacturer of Hyper Light Drift. Relying on a hostile world, players must move in this environment and avoid danger.

The name appears in 2021.

Hitman 3

IO Interactive presented film and game trailers for the third part in addition to their current Hitman trilogy. As in the previous games, Hitman has 3 different new locations and targets for Agent 47. The game consisted of teasing a skyscraper in Dubai to bring Agent 47 to a higher altitude.

Astro’s playroom.

The successor to the popular VR platform developed by the Japanese studio team Asobi returns with its brand of crazy interception robots, which hasn’t been tested since the last game.

The little devil inside.

The next title, Inside the Little Devil, is promising because of its aesthetics and mix of fighting concepts. In this cute adventure title you’ll find everything from stealth action to dungeons where you can crawl and kill dragons.

NBA 2K21

The next contribution to the annual 2K basketball simulator was presented in a teaser by Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelican. Although the gameplay consists of only one performance of the athlete, everything that was shown was exciting. The teaser showed lighting, simulation, facial expressions and real sweat. NBA 2K21 will install the autumn edition.


It’s a strange new name from the makers of Octadus, representing wild animals from Bagsnax food, and a walrus figure playing the role of a zoologist. Bagsnax arrives at this festive time of year.

Evil Souls

Studio Bluepoint has confirmed the rumors that PS5 will receive a remake of Demon Souls of Software. The classic PS2 title has been reworked to make it new for fans of the original.

death ribbon

The Arcane Death Hinge was first shown at the E3 2019 and retains its crazy concept. This first-person shooter game involves rival killers chasing each other across the island and getting stuck in a time loop.

The abode of evil 8 : The village.

Home of Evil 8 Capcoma: The village was finally confirmed at the event, and all rumors about it were confirmed. It takes over the events of the RE7 and takes place in a scary village with scary villagers, a sect and werewolves. His release is scheduled for 2021.


The second game from Capcom, Pragmata, is a post-apocalyptic game that seems to have been made by Hideo Kojima. It takes place in a world that seems abandoned, but in which holographic cats run around.

A man in a suit meets a girl, then suddenly they are pushed into the air and somehow led to the moon. It should be published in 2021.

The foghorn is forbidden.

In this sequel Aloy returns to the Zero Dawn Horizon. The heroine is now on a mission to discover the origin of a mysterious plague that is destroying the animal kingdom before it is too late. Players can now search for answers underwater by diving.